Power Knee

Power Knee

The Power Knee is a motor-powered microprocessor knee (MPK). It provides active assistance while walking on level-ground, climbing and descending ramps or stairs and when standing up. Power Knee enables amputees to maintain and regain mobility and participate in the daily activities they enjoy.

Power is fundamental to the biomechanical systems that move us. If you’re living with limb loss or limb difference, that power is a missing ingredient. Restoring it can be transformational.

  • Auto-adaptive real-time stance and swing control
  • Energy returning stance flexion
  • Active assistance in level-ground walking, step-over-step stair ascent and when standing up
  • Intuitive knee lock when standing, facilitating equal weight distribution
  • 25 hour typical usage on a single battery
  • Replaceable battery, can be charged in knee or separately
  • Accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices provides simple practitioner setup and adjustment
Power Knee

The Power Knee is the world’s first motor-powered microprocessor knee. Active assistance powers flexion and extension to mimic concentric and eccentric muscle activity. Advanced sensors accurately detect the user’s movements and inform the microprocessor where state-of-the-art algorithms enable the knee to respond to the user’s needs. A powerful motor provides consistent stance phase but also free swing phase. Delivering active extension when standing up, controlled resistance when descending, active flexion and extension during walking and energy returning stance flexion, Power Knee facilitates symmetrical weight distribution and natural gait.

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