Criterium Plus Handlebar Adapters

Criterium Plus Handlebar Adapters

Criterium devices are available in three pivoting models.

Criterium PLUS (New 2023) High performance mechanically “spring drive closed” bicycle and cross-over terminal device. 4.1 inches in length.

Criterium PIVOT Full Size – 4 inches in length. Available in either Durometer/Hardness: 70 or 85

Criterium PIVOT Short – 2.9 inches in length. Available in either Durometer/Hardness: 70 or 85

The CRITERIUM PLUS is the newest and highest performance bicycling device that we offer. It was originally designed for BMX style bicycle competition but it will perform well on most all types of bicycles for either paved street, gravel-dirt road or more rugged all-terrain environments.

The Criterium PIVOT is an adult-sized, simpler, general performance device for paved road bicycling.

The Criterium Pivot Short can be used by children tri-cycling & bicycling as young as 3 years old and by those who wish to use just a simple, safe device for recreational street bicycling.

Durometer/Hardness of the 70 model is softer, more flexible and forgiving than the 85 model. The 70 is suggested for beginners and easy street riding while the 85 for more rigorous challenging rides.

Handlebars can be taped with various materials to change the friction and force required to engage and disengage the Criteriums. All models fit right or left and equipped with a standard, threaded, mounting stud. Offset centerline duplicates normal palm grasping position for improved biomechanics.

*Release loads were measured only for the Criterium PIVOT and Criterium PIVOT Short models using one inch diameter smooth, bare metal handlebars without any tape covering. The load applied was a straight pulling force. No torque was applied. Tape, foam or fabric coverings will increase the amount of force and torque required to push on and pull off the Criterium bicycle accessory.

*Regular white medical or athletic type adhesive tape will increase the effort required to pull the Criterium off the handlebars by as much as 60-90%.

*Standard cork, vinyl or foam backed bicycle handlebar wrap increases the bar diameter significantly! The result is that it will take approximately 30% more effort to pull the Criterium from the handlebars than when using smooth, bare handlebars.

Criterium Plus Handlebar Adapters
Product Features
  • Three models for a wide variety of bicycle challenges and environments.
  • Criterium PIVOT models available in two hardness 70 & 85.
  • Criterium PIVOT models snap/pull ON and OFF 7/8″ diameter bicycle handlebars.
  • Criterium PLUS designed to accommodate up to larger BMX style bicycle hand grips with much higher handlebar gripping forces..
Product Specifications
  • Light-weight. 6 – 8.5 ounces (170-241 g).

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