Mediven Plus® Below Knee Compression Stockings

Mediven Plus® Below Knee Compression Stockings

Mediven Plus has established itself as a reliable choice for numerous indications over a period of more than 40 years, and it just got better. With its additional plus points and reliability it will ensure the you continue to enjoy a good quality of life. Mediven Plus is a unisex product suitable for a wide range of activities so you can have your unique 'plus moments' put your trust in the best mediven plus of all times!


Clima Comfort for breathable moisture regulating, Clima Fresh anti-bacterial foot(always fresh feet), Dermatologically tested - suitable for sensitive and atopic skin.

Recommended Conditions

Varicose veins(primary or secondary varicosis, varicose veins in pregnancy, supporting sclerotherapy, after varicose vein surgery), Chronic venous disorders: COs to C5 according to CEAP, Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients, Thrombophlebitis(superficial) or condition after healed phlebitis. Deep venous thrombosis, Post-Thrombotic syndrome.

Mediven Plus® Below Knee Compression Stockings
Washing Instructions

Machine washable at 40°C delicate setting, Tumble dry at low setting, Do not leave to dry on radiator or in direct sunlight.

Delivery time for non-returnable trend colours (navy, anthracite, cashmere, violet, caramel, rosé, bronze, white, magenta, grey, cherry red, blue jeans) approx. 10-15 working days.

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