i-Limb® Access titanium

i-Limb® Access titanium

The i-Limb Access titanium offers all the features of the i-Limb Access hand with additional titanium strengthened fingers, which increase the carry load by 50%.

  • Individually motorized digits with compliant grip and stall-out ability.
  • Manually rotatable thumb that can be positioned between lateral and oppositional mode for creating different grip positions.
  • Titanium strengthened fingers increase the carry load by 50%.
  • With our speed boost feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%.
  • App control provides instant access to Quick Grips™ at the touch of an icon.
  • Muscle control uses specific muscle signals called triggers to instruct the hand to activate a specific grip.
  • 12 different automated grip options available.
  • Biosim™ and My I-Limb™ Apps.
  • Available in 4 sizes – small, medium and large.
  • Multiple covering options available.
i-Limb® Access titanium

Artificial Limbs for Upper Extremity

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