Upper Limb Prosthetics

Arm prostheses can replace the most important basic functions of the lost hand – such as opening and closing – as well as restoring the outside appearance. TEHLIN offers a complete fitting spectrum for upper limb prostheses, ranging from cosmetic to myoelectric components.

The upper limb electric prosthesis can be divided into upper arm electric prosthesis and forearm electric prosthesis. The control modes have choices of EMG control and switch control. Myoelectric-controlled prosthesis is bio electric control produced by disabled person’s brain consciousness control stump muscle when excited. The product is received by the two electrodes or one electrode signal, amplifying by electronic circuit, driven by the micro motor, reducer to drive the robot hand opening and gripping, wrist supination and pronation, elbow extension, flexion. The appearance is natural, flexible and convenient control. With prosthetic limbs, after proper training, disabled persons can drink water, cut the apple, shoelaces, extract and other movements. Help them of physically living in a certain extent.

Functional Hands
Functional Palm

J-HT-002Functional Palm

Elbow Joint

J-HT-003Elbow Joint

Shoulder Joint

J-HT-006Shoulder Joint

Cosmetic Hands
Elbow Joint

J-HT-007Elbow Joint

Foam Palm

J-HT-018Foam Palm

Cosmtic Silicon Glove

J-TL_72102Cosmtic Silicon Glove

There are various Prosthetic options to consider for the person with a Upper Extremity Amputation:

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